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Why we build SimpleStats (the missing statistics tool for your Laravel application)
SimpleStats is a streamlined statistics tool tailored for Laravel applications, transcending mere counts of visits, views, and page impressions. It offers precise insights into user origins and behaviors. With default tracking and filtering via UTM codes, you gain detailed analysis of marketing campaigns, identifying which efforts drive revenue.
May 6, 2024
How to generate Validation Rules based on your database table schema
Conveniently generate Laravel Validation Rules based on your Database Table Schema!
November 24, 2023
How to set up a high-performance local Laravel development environment for Windows with pretty URLs (without Docker)
Local Laravel environments on Windows like Vagrant/Homestead, Laravel Sail or Laragon can be really slow or resource intensive. Let's create a more native setup, which performs very very good! We managed to reduce execution time on complex operations from 13s down to 1,5s, which is an increase of about 800%!
August 27, 2023
Laravel Date Scopes - A package to filter eloquent models by common date ranges conveniently
When you filter and query eloquent models by given dates, you may often use similar ranges, especially in statistics or analysis. Here our package Laravel Date Scopes comes in to play. It lets you conveniently filter by date, with common statistical ranges.
July 31, 2023
Featured Package on Laravel Daily and Laravel News: Laravel Date Scopes
We again got featured on Laravel News and even on Laravel Daily!
May 26, 2023
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